Ted Cruz believes red will trump blue at the polls this year

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram: U.S. Senator Ted Cruz sat down with Anna Tinsley before the Tarrant County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, the party’s largest fundraising event each year, where he was the keynote speaker Cruz firmly believes that Texas and Tarrant County will stay red this year — … Read More

Analysis: Tax breaks and big red fire trucks

From the Texas Tribune:   Rising property taxes are a legitimate political issue, driven by what elected officials and aspiring officeholders hear from their angry constituents. Local governments are on the other side of this, however, hearing from those same voters  about deficiencies in schools and roads, crime protection and … Read More

Why are Texas’ smaller utilities not cleaning up drinking water?

From the Texas Tribune: Dozens of small and rural utilities in the state have for years provided water that contains illegal levels of radiation, lead and arsenic. Lack of resources is largely to blame — but there’s more to it than that… Read more. 

Analysis: Texas’ most persistent policy problem

From the Texas Tribune: You wouldn’t be out of line wondering why Texas school finance didn’t get fixed in 2017. Or 2015. Or 2013. But it’s because this is a hard policy problem and a harder political one. The prompt now is that property taxes have gotten so far out … Read More

First Annual Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium Set for Next Week

Land Developers & Owner Financers Join Forces to Protect Rights to Buy, Sell, and Use Property   AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Land Developers Association, in partnership with the Seller Finance Coalition, is hosting its first annual Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium, with seller financers of homes and land, loan servicers, title professionals, and … Read More

Analysis: The Texas primaries are a 9-week sprint

From the Texas Tribune: The early Texas primaries force some quick deadlines on candidates and campaigns. Early voting begins on Feb. 20 — just seven weeks from now and two weeks before Election Day.  Read more…

Who’s on the Texas primary ballots in 2018?

From the Texas Tribune: Texas will hold its 2018 primary elections on March 6 — the first state in the country to do so — and hundreds of candidates across the state have filed to run for public office. Below are the candidates who have filed for the Democratic and … Read More

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