Mortgage Choice Act approved by House of Representatives

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From HousingWire: Bill to adjust TILA definition of points and fees passes House for third time The House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass the Mortgage Choice Act of 2017, which would adjust the Truth in Lending Act’s definitions of points and fees under the Ability to Repay/Qualified Mortgage rule…Read … Read More

1st Annual Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium a success!

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The Texas Land Developers Association, in partnership with the Seller Finance Coalition, hosted its first annual Texas Home & Mortgage Symposium, with more than 100 seller financers of homes and land, loan servicers, title professionals, and service providers from across the state in attendance. A dynamic two days of content-rich presentations and discussions were presented on … Read More

Analysis: Tax breaks and big red fire trucks

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From the Texas Tribune:   Rising property taxes are a legitimate political issue, driven by what elected officials and aspiring officeholders hear from their angry constituents. Local governments are on the other side of this, however, hearing from those same voters  about deficiencies in schools and roads, crime protection and … Read More

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