Scot Campbell Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

TLDA founding member Scot Campbell was recognized for the work of the Association this month during the 2017 NoteExpo in Dallas.  Campbell was recognized on behalf of TLDA and the impact its work has had, and continues to have, on the industry statewide.  The award speaks to the broadened respect of the organization as a statewide influencer, being credited with positively impacting issues facing the industry at the state level over the past two and a half decades.  

Campbell credited the longstanding members of TLDA with the organization's success.  

"My work in this industry has been the cumulative effort of so many others standing alongside me, shirt sleeve to shirt sleeve, staring down mutual challenges and celebrating joint victories," Campbell said.  "I’m honored and humbled to accept this award on the behalf of my colleagues throughout the industry who are equally – if not more – deserving of such recognition."

He used the opportunity to promote TLDA, inviting the audience of more than 500 to consider joining the statewide effort. 

"I encourage you to fine a trade organization – I happen to know of one you could join today - that  specializes in seller financing and support it," Campbell said.  "It is the only thing that is between you and the bureaucrats and legislators that do not understand your industry but want to pass laws that affect how you do business. Through TLDA, we have helped so many companies. The duty of a good trade organization is to help you in time of need and act as a go-between for you and the regulating agency, keeping you informed so you stay in compliance, and mitigate harmful legislation."

NoteExpo is an annual national conference spanning education, networking, vendor exhibits, and the tools to build a successful note business.

Caroline & Scot Campbell following his acceptance of the Lifetime Achievement Award during NoteExpo 2017.

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